(Lost) In the Woods is a multidisciplinary, interactive animated installation created by visual artist Shelley Jordon in collaboration with musician/composer Kurt Rohde.

This project explores the experience of being “lost” in the woods from the perspective of emotion, metaphor and the psychological. Spanning three galleries, the installations combine hand-painted animations, 2-D artwork, and live-action videos with original music and sound.  The paintings are activated with projected animations and sounds as people walk to specific points in the installation. Additional animations appear in unexpected places, comprised of chance images accompanied by sound and music.

The project is a unique collaboration between robotocists from Oregon State University's Personal Robotics Lab (Bill Smart and Benjamin Narin) and Visual artist Shelley Jordon and sound artist Kurt Rohde. It brings together engineering and art to creat an immersive interactive experience that is unique to each viewer.

Shinrin-yoku, Japanese for forest bathing or taking in the healing properties of the woods, is a multi-channel, animated video installation with sound by musician/composer Kurt Rohde.

 Hand-painted animations and sounds created by musician/composer Kurt Rohde are triggered by robotic gadgets created by OSU roboticists Bill Smart and Benjamin Narin.

 Double monitor video of daily walk in Forest Park, in Portland, Oregon from two different perspectives, my own and my "career change guide dog" Spanky. 

"(Lost) In the Woods", Whitebox Gallery, PDX, 2014 from shelley Jordon on Vimeo